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How do I test my drugs?

Click here to view instructions in Spanish.

Step 1

Test a powder/rock: Separate a tiny bit and mix with a tiny amount of water
Test a pill: Crush up the whole pill and mix it with 10 drops of water
Test marijuana: Shake the bag with marijuana in it, take marijuana out of bag, add a spoonful of water and swirl it around so it touches all sides of the bag

Hold blue end of test strip and dip white end in water for 15 seconds. Don't go over the wavy lines.

Step 2
Step 3

Lay test strip flat. Results will start to appear within a minute.

How do I read my results?

1 red line = positive - Means your drugs have fentanyl in them.

2 red lines means it is less likely to contain fentanyl, but please proceed with caution because it might not be the drug you paid for.

What if my drugs test positive for fentanyl?
  • Consider discarding if you have no or low tolerance for opioids. Your risk of overdose is high.

  • Don't be alone. If someone who has Naloxone can't be physically with you, use the COPN App or Never Use Alone Hotline: 1-800-484-3731.

  • Carry Naloxone, the medication that reverses an overdose. Get it mailed to you for free from Thrive for Change or Harm Reduction Ohio.

  • Go slow. Start with a small amount and wait. If it feels off, consider not using it or taking less.

Still want more info on how to use fentanyl test strips? Try watching this how-to video.

You can also download instructions by clicking here.


Where can I get free test strips?

Circle Health Services

Main office - 12201 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland from 9 am to 4 pm

Project DAWN Mobile Unit

RV parked at 3370 West 25th St. M-F from 10 am to 2 pm

Barber Shops

Urban Kutz Barbershop - 11106 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland

Urban Kutz Barbershop - 4491 Pearl Road, Cleveland

Just Clip It -  5141 Warrensville Center Road, Cleveland

Labarberia Institute of Hair -1633 Golden Gate Plaza, Mayfield Heights

FrontLine Service

Main Clinic - 1744 Payne Avenue, Cleveland

Cleveland UMADAOP

1215 East 79th Street, Cleveland

Project White Butterfly 

(216) 727-8725

Thrive Peer Support 

Would you like to become a distribution site in Cuyahoga County? Email


Why should I test my drugs?

Can you tell the difference? 

You can't, and you won't until it's too late.

Please, just test it.

How do I get help?

24-Hour Mental Health & Addiction Crisis Hotline (Cuyahoga County): 216-623-6888
Crisis Text Line: Text '4hope' to 741741
Cuyahoga Overdose Prevention Network (COPN) App: Don't Use Alone
Overdose detection right in your back pocket.
Keep on COPN with the Cuyahoga Overdose Prevention Network app. We utilize human connection through the app to help detect an overdose by providing an audio connection to a community of people willing to provide supervision at a time when the caller is most at risk of an overdose.
Only if the caller becomes unresponsive is the caller's location revealed so the supporter can escalate to emergency services or the caller's chosen emergency contact.
Download the COPN app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
COPN Privacy Notice and Terms of Service
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